Sunday, April 13, 2008

Welcome to America

Long day! Up at 5am UK time, and it's now just gone 10pm US time (so I guess it's 3am in the UK...) - I'm surprisingly awake.

But we've arrived at the Maresco's house via Washinton Dulles Airport and a little shopping. Tomorrow morning we'll go to Covenant Life Church and then into downtown DC for some pre-conference tourism. It's been my first day in America and all's good so far. It's all big, spacious and kinda new.


  1. Welcome to the states! I hope you enjoy your visit, and TFG. I wish I could join everyone there, but I can't get that far away from home right now. My wife is expecting and it could be any day now!

    Make sure you give us some good reports!

  2. Yes welcome to America! Touring and a conference.. it will be great!

  3. Welcome to the states and welcome to Louisville Kentucky (my locale). The temp is about 20 degrees below normal for this time of year, but will warm up rapidly by mid-week to the 70's.

  4. Washington Dulles! I know it well. Did you go in one of the daft mobile lounge tractor things? In any other country, it would have been underground walkways or a monorail or just a standard bus. God bless America!
    Hope you enjoyed DC.