Sunday, April 13, 2008

Washington DC and the Book of Secrets

This afternoon was spent walking around the centre of DC from Union Station to Capitol Hill and down to the Lincoln Memorial via the White House. Great to see all these 'West Wing' scenes in person - though with loads of security barriers. Reminding me of all the inaccessible places there are. And yet I'd love to have access! We want the secrets. We want the gossip. We want the conspiracy stories (National Treasure: The Book of Secrets on the plane...)

Over the last couple of days I've been reading Amos afresh and I'm struck by the way God only does what he reveals to his prophets - like Amos. Amos who says what God shows him. Amos though speaks judgement on all the nations, and on God's people. Because of that they silence the prophets. For this they are judged and exiled. And worse still the will suffer a famine. A famine of God's word (8v11-12). A word without which man cannot live. How desperately we need God's word. Without it we curve in on ourselves and self-destruct and seek any secret we can get to give ourselves some sense of being in the inner ring.

What we need is what God reveals. And he reveals himself. 
The once hidden secret of his great gospel about Jesus Christ.

Also, the morning at Covenant Life with Bob Kauflin preaching Psalm 42-43 was a great experience. I enjoyed exploring the bookshop, worshipping with God's people and being pointed to the only hope we hopeless people have, namely Jesus. And we learned a great new song by Jordan Kauflin which I hope to get hold of at some point soon.

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