Sunday, April 20, 2008

T4G08: Kauflin

Whereever you stand on the whole charismatic thing God gives gifts to his church. Grace poured out to display his glory. I want to thank God for one of those gifts I was honoured to meet and benefit from last week:
Thank you for Bob, Christian, husband, father, preacher-musician-writer...

Bob Kauflin was preaching at Covenant Life Church, Gaithersburg last sunday from the Psalms.. I imagine this MP3 is from the second meeting so will have some slight variations from the first one.

Having watched Bob receiving some feedback between the meetings I'm sure those will have further improved a really good preach on Psalm 42-43. It's great to see a church taking the content of it's preaching so seriously.

[I posted on Mike Reeves' preach on the same Psalm - probably only Mike would make a preaching point of "the sons of Korah". Dan notes the penteteuch-al structure of Psalms... making Psalms 42-43 'Exodus Psalms]

That meeting also taught me something about Josh Harris.

1. He is about as tall as Zacchaeus.
2. This man is a gifted pastor. As he closed the meeting he picked up on something Bob preached that was outstanding but could have been misapplied, and carefully directed his congregation to a right application of it. This man has a genuine gospel-care for his congregation.

I started reading Bob's book Worship Matters on the plane home. Loving it so far! The paragraph on the doctrine of Jordan is priceless. This is a gospel-centred, doctrine-driven, deeply-accessible book on worship for the pastor, the worship-leader, the congregation member.
At the conference I also received a copy of Come Weary Saints, the new sovereign grace music album. I particularly appreciate the way he's re-worked O The Deep Deep Love of Jesus to be more explicit about the cross, the focus of God's love. Moreover, when he taught it to us he explain his reasons, therefore teaching us about the cross and about the importance of keeping it central to our worship.

Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus,
Spread His praise from shore to shore
How He came to pay our ransom,
Through the saving cross He bore

How He watches o’er His loved ones,
Those He died to make His own

How for them He’s interceding,
Pleading now before the throne

Bob served as well as he led us with hymns, old and new. I also appreciated being led by his son Devon last Sunday, and learning a new song by the aforementioned Jordan Kauflin which I really want to get hold of soon (forthcoming on NA: Looked Upon).

Elsewhere, Terry Virgo was preaching at Rhiwbina Baptist Church on his way to New Word Alive - one, two, three. And don't miss the angelic Matt Giles.

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