Saturday, April 19, 2008

T4G08: "Doing better than I deserve"

So we're back. We volunteered to take the night flight in exchange for an upgrade to Business Class. I'm tired but it was an experience to see how the otherside live, significantly better than I deserve... with legroom and better food, special lounges, a shower on arrival this morning.

Doing this allowed us to spend an very sunny extra day in DC, including a visit to the Arlington Cemetery. Such picturesque setting and yet the words "And he died..." ring in the ears as the sun beat down on us.

T4G ended with Piper and Mahaney preaching on sacrifice and on the pastors soul. Much more to say on those messages that pierced to the heart as only the word of God can. That needs more detail for now there's only time to say that Piper truly is a Calvinist-with-a-capital-K, his passion for the supremacy of Christ in all things really kicks! And Mahaney has a relentless commitment to the intentional application of the gospel to all things, not least the souls of those he serves, and it's rubbed off on those around him.

I've deeply enjoyed the trip to America. It was great to see more of God's world. It was an absolute delight to spend time with a gospel-centred family. To be together for the gospel with the Sovereign Grace Ministries guys and with the rest of the 5500 people at the conference. It was an encouragement to see brothers and sisters thousands of miles away contending for the gospel as we're seeking to do in the UK. It was wonderful to meet people I've only ever known virtually before (Bob, Carolyn, Mark, Mike...).

And now, it's great to be home with my wife and to look forward to being 'together for the gospel' with our local church tomorrow morning.

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