Thursday, April 17, 2008

T4G08: Pierced for our transgressions

Bags almost packed. Off to the last two main sessions shortly (Piper & Mahaney) at which, among other things we get a copy of Bob Kauflin's new book 'Worship Matters'. Last night Al Mohler laid out the centrality of the atonement with much reference to the current debates in the evangelical world. I was most struck by :

1. The relentless pursuit I see in this conference and in Sovereign Grace Ministries to keep the cross central to everything. And I mean everything. Doctrine AND life.
2. The way that when you ditch the atonement everything else quickly unravels too.
3. People deny sovereignty but no-one prays like an open-theist. People ditch the atonement but they can't help singing of Jesus who died in their place.
4. This is no new issue - people have been atacking these glorious doctrines for a very long time.

Good times in the bar with Mike Gilbart-Smith and Paul Rees and others last night as the Brits gathered for beer (and fellowship).


  1. The audio for T4G can be found here

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  3. Thanks for the link.. look forward to checking them out!