Monday, April 14, 2008

Lou-a-vull (Kentucky)

So, we're in Louisville. A place I know most about because of the Cameron Crowe film Elizabethtown, which I enjoyed - though it was a bit long and had Orlando Bloom in it. It was a short flight in with about 90 guys from Sovereign Grace Ministries on the plane.

I spent some of the journey going back into Galatians 1-2 and enjoying the centrality of the cross there. I've only recently noticed the presence of some 'God is the gospel' thinking there. When the Galatians turn from the gospel they are described as having turned away from God. He is inseparable from his gospel. And that is why teaching a false gospel is so bad. It's bad because it's factually wrong, it's bad because it defames Jesus - but above all if you don't hold to the gospel then you remain accursed by God, for it is only in his gospel, by the curse-bearing blessing-bringing death of Jesus that we come to God. And that is very good news. What an awesome gospel!

Later we'll go to a Sovereign Grace Ministries meeting.... now to try for a swim!
UPDATE: It's an outdoor pool, so we went to TGI's for dinner with the rest of the UK SovGrace guys.

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