Friday, April 04, 2008


Reading Ruth with some of the staff team recently. Three observations:
  1. Ch1. Naomi & Elimilech sin big time. She changes her name from Sweet to Bitter. Things look bad but this is only because God has judged her family as he promised he would. He is true to his word and it costs Naomi everything.
  2. Ch1. Naomi arrives back declaring her bitter situation, with Ruth as the harvest begins. God's kind visit to his people preceeds her repentance from Moab to Bethlehem. His kindness is hard to see when we're immersed in ourselves. Food on the table, being with God's people and the presence of Ruth isn't nothing.
  3. Ch2-3. Ruth, Naomi and Boaz experience the kindness of God through his people. It is God's kindness but 'by his people' is a big way he shows us how kind he is to us. A Christian out-of-fellowship is therefore deprived of enjoying God's kindness.

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