Thursday, April 10, 2008

Interview with Adrian Warnock and more from New Word Alive

Yesterday afternoon I ran into Adrian in the team lounge, grabbed his iPod recorder and got him to answer some questions... so here it is: Adrian Warnock interviewed by Dave Bish at New Word Alive.

In other stuff... last night's John Piper talk was eye-opening and heart-warming. The talk included some clarifications and expansions on the previous night before the talk itself began... that took most of the time and then we moved into promises to hold on to in suffering.

Really helpful in that to see that what Piper was saying was not logic but verses, not implications but verses. Whether you love or hate what Piper says the key is what do the verses say. Responses from outside the marquee

Best moment - let death (and suffering) serve you: Say to death, "DEATH, MAKE MY DAY!"

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