Saturday, April 26, 2008

Discover the wonders of this holy Book

Ray Ortlund: Could we bore down together and discover the wonders of this holy Book as never before? Could we acknowledge our spiritual hunger, and thoughtfully, carefully, attentively, daily feed our souls? Could we shut off the noise and listen? Could we re-set our focus from the voices inside our heads to the Voice in the Book?"

Some books I've spent lots of time in. Martin Luther called Galatians 'My Katharine', it is 'My Emmalee' - and I love it dearly. Several other books I'm well acquainted with, but then there others which puzzle and confound me yet...

1. Song of Songs
Matthew Mason on - interpreting the song: "What is the Song of Songs supposed to do? Well, above all it is supposed to help us experience and rejoice in Christ’s love for us, to stir up our love for Him, to move us to love the church as Christ loves the church, and to cause us to long for the consummation of our marriage when Christ returns. May that be the case as we hear from it together."
See also house of wine.

This book intriuges me, but I still don't feel quite ready to start teaching it. To the text!

2. Psalms
Dan Hames (with Mike Reeves) puts forward the Torah as a model for the structure of Psalms: "The Torah outline was pretty widely assumed (and so bubbles under the surface even if it doesn’t always show itself full on) after the exegetical work of people like Bullinger and so on through the Puritans to Henry and others."

This is a good theory and draws me again into this biggest of books. Songs of salvation history. To the text!

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  1. Song of Songs - it's about love. And, in the end, love is always about Christ. Read and be moved to love!

    For more I'd suggest John Richardson's talks from @ The Castle ) -they're not labelled as about the Song but they are! For a very different take Mark Driscoll is your man ( Or my own offerings at