Thursday, April 03, 2008

20 UK at Together for the Gospel

So, fairly soon, twenty people from the UK are going to Together for the Gospel. We're keen to get together at some point.

Ten of us are in the Sovereign Grace Ministries UK group (of which I'm a guest!!) - are you in the other ten? Let us know...


  1. Wish I was!
    Have a great time, you know it's gonna be good.

    Are you guys going to export the idea back? Get evangelicals working together.

  2. I'd like to see something here... my dream of a merger between Together on a Mission with EMA and any other leaders conference going on!

  3. I think Affinity and Regional Gospel Partnerships are the best way to get evangelicals working together. Or, at least they should be given a go, before starting a new initiative.

  4. NWA is the closest example thus far to 'togetherness'... UCCF, Keswick, Soul Survivor, New Frontiers (the pope of) all getting involved... and UCCF leadership is pretty proctrusty.

    ProcTrust and New Frontiers - would be awesome, but don't see it happening in the near future. Gospel partnerships are good, but they haven't in my view done enough to win over the charismatics... are there actually any (reformed) charismatic churches that are members of Affinity or a gospel partnership??

  5. Affinity was mentioned in the comments of a previous post on the blog

    The pentecostal group The Apostolic Church is an Affinity Partner so I don't see any reason why charistmatics churches like Newfrontiers would be excluded.

    One barrier I have come across to Affinity and Regional Gospel Partnership including Newfrontiers seems to be that some people in Newfrontiers dislike signing doctrinal statements.

    I don't know if any Regional Gospel Partnerships have made much effort to include Reformed charismatic churches.

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  7. Ben, I'm not particularly out to start a new initiative - just dreaming of seeing togetherness. I'm not all that convinced that this has to be via conferences, but more I'd be delighted to see friendship and prayerfulness for one another. So I love in Exeter that the 'Exeter Evangelical Partnership' pray for one another in their churches, the pastors meet a couple of times a year and there is a warm relationship between people.

    Affinity seems an interesting idea if it can be gospel-centred and broad enough.

  8. Ben,
    Would Affinity be broad enough to draw together All Souls and HTB?