Sunday, March 02, 2008

South West CU Leaders

This weekend was our annual South West CU leaders weekend. It was the first time I've had to organise this conference and I am so thankful for God's kindness to us in it.

A really encouraging weekend where the chief joy was that we caught sight of Jesus Christ who is the LORD! Joy and Jesus. And as Sibbes says, the sight of Christ is a transforming sight.

Big thanks to John Risbridger for teaching us Philippians,to my team for all their hardwork and for the 75 student mission leaders who joined us.


Real Discipleship - four talks from Philippians by John Risbridger, seeing Jesus together in the word.
Chapter 1 - Paul loved Christians, Jesus and the gospel.
Chapter 2 - Jesus. All about Jesus.
Chapter 3 - What's your passion?
Chapter 4 - Keeping on going.

Vision - Three extended introductions to the CU vision, followed by 1 hour workshops. Unfortunately the first two didn't get recorded - I may re-record them sometime.
(1) Being transformed by seeing Jesus.
(2) The power of God's word to detonate human hearts.
(3) Being Christian is being really human.

We opened and closed the weekend with the prayer 'Need of Jesus' from The Valley of Vision.

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  1. Talk on being human is really good. Mr Bish, I'm impressed with it!

    You can tell that someone is a Styles at about a hundred paces. They have a crazy, mad look in their eyes.

  2. Indeed.
    And thank u. It's not something we talk about enough.