Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A solid substantial joy

"Power to become the children of God is to be valued more than a power to work miracles; for we read of those who did in Christ's name cast out devils, as Judas did, and yet will be disowned by Christ in the great day. But they whose names are written in heaven shall never perish; they are Christ's sheep, to whom he will give eternal life. Saving graces are more to be rejoiced in than spiritual gifts; holy love is a more excellent way than speaking with tongues... Nothing rejoices the heart of the Lord Jesus so much as the progress of the gospel, and its getting ground of Satan, by the conversion of souls to Christ. Christ's joy was a solid substantial joy"

John Calvin (on Luke 10)

Which is not to reduce the glory of miracles or any spiritual gift. Rather, his gift of life is greater. Likewise, when Jesus speaks of the necessity of leaving behind things of this world at the end of Luke 9 is he saying they're worthless. Rather, life in Jesus is all the greater. And Jesus' own joy demonstrates the same.

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