Sunday, March 23, 2008

Snow, resurrection and Egypt

Having woken up this morning to remember that Jesus is alive and then looked out of the window to see snow, and then travelling around 250 miles from Northamptonshire to Devon via Cambridgeshire I got pondering about the curious details of God's geography in Genesis. Again.
So, Abram of Shem faces famine in the land of Canaan of Ham that God promises to his offspring. He goes to Egypt of Ham to get food.
Issue 1 - he's out of the land so God's promises are under threat.
Issue 2 - he's in the land of Ham once more. Ham whose son Canaan should serve his offspring, yet Egypt is in control, and threatens to take away Abram's wife. No wife, no offspring... though his wife is barren so that's not a new problem.
Issue 3 - the recurrence of Egypt in the story of God's people. What's going on there?
I love the curiosities and questions. Questions remain. Snow dissolves - and I recall John Newton's imagery. "The earth will soon dissolve like snow, the sun forbear to shine, but God who called me here below, will be forever mine". That's how amazing grace ends, the marred creation dissolving into God's renewed world. And I'm very glad of his that God has given us new birth into this living hope by raising Jesus Christ from the dead. Living hope for today, and for eternity.

And big thanks to Mike Kendall at St Neots Evangelical Church for preaching on that this morning!

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