Wednesday, March 12, 2008

See Jesus and rejoice (part 4)

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But there is a second joy for Jesus, v22.

Who knows God? Anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him! Like who? V22, revealed to little children! V24, Kings and prophets longed for this. Desperately seeking it. I know Nathan has been enjoying Ranaulph Fiennes biography – a modern day king and prophet. Yet, Fiennes may search forever and never find Jesus.

Jesus is a rare jewel, greater than the most awe-striking places on earth, places whose grandeur is mere testimony to the greatness of the crucified king of peace. Even the great minds can think and think and think and yet only imagine idols rather than the glory of Jesus. We often do it. We say – man is like a big version of people. So we might think if I were god I’d let people do what they want, and so God is even more permissive. Such talk and such thinking is just hot air. The grand, the clever, the rich and the mighty are denied one thing. They can’t find it. They can’t win it. They can’t buy it.

Who then can know? It is childlike disciples are those who receive the gospel. They see salvation! See the pleasure of God to hide himself, and to reveal himself. V24. How blessed they are that they see! They behold the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Eyes open. Nothing compares to this. And it is no attainment. No, v23, these are those “to whom the Son chooses to reveal” the Father. They don’t think their way to God, he broadcasts to them, by the message that he teaches his disciples. The message of peace from God by way of the death of Jesus. God has been revealed to them in the person and words of Jesus himself.

In the subsequent two passages we see three first century illustrations of this:

• First, a lawyer tries to earn a revelation of Jesus but goes away confounded.

• Second, Martha tries to housework her way to heaven.

• Thirdly, Mary who does nothing. Nothing except one thing. The one thing that is necessary, v42: the good portion. What? V39: she sat at the Lord’s feet and listen to his teaching. As he sat and taught ‘Peace’ she received the word. The word of the cross that secures peace with God.

She listened to the gospel and her eyes were opened. How blessed were her eyes to see!

• Will we stop searching and start listening?

• Will we rest from our effort and hear the Disciples Message, the Apostolic Gospel?

• Will we pursue joy in Jesus?

• Do you share in the joy of the Trinity?

Nothing is worse than rejecting this for that incurs terrible judgement. But to eat it up will delight your heart. Stick this gospel under your tongue like a lozenge and let it drip down into your heart. The Spirit penetrating our hearts to enflame them with joy in Jesus. See Jesus and rejoice.

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