Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Reason for God (UK)

A few weeks back I reviewed Tim Keller's The Reason for God which is an outstanding defence of belief in God and Christianity specifically, alongside being a great engagement with the questions of our day.

The Good Book company are now stocking it in the UK for 12 quid, which is a mere NINE POUNDS if you have a UCCF Student Card

Tim Keller at Google event


  1. Hmm. Maybe I meant (in hindsight) memorising the argument threads rather than whole sections? Either way, I need to get over my inability to articulate clear answers to common questions and a feeling afterwards "I wish I'd said that."

    Interestingly, Keller's responses are developed over 20 years of consistent gospel ministry...I've got a lot to learn!

  2. I did sort of get that you meant arguments rather than content. Experience really is key in this stuff.

  3. I just ordered one with a UCCF card from the Good Book Company and you get 11% discount of this title rather than 25%.

  4. *cough* apologies to Gareth...GBC have fixed their UCCF discount now. It's back to 25%.