Friday, March 28, 2008

On the third day

A first draft...

Let their be light, he said and there was,
Bringing order to chaos, light into dark.
Forming his creation the Lord spoke,
Bringing seed bearing plants, on the third day.

Offer your one and only son, said the Lord,
Obeying Abraham journeyed, to the green hill.
Receiving his son back from death's altar,
Confessing the Lord will provide, on the third day.

Wait at the foot of the mountain, he said to Moses,
Shaking the earth in holiness, a consuming fire.
Chosing them as his treasured possession
Revealing his salvation plan, on the third day.

The Lord's annointed was rejected and despised,
Wandering around in the deserts in search of life.
Conquering his enemies, rescuing captives,
Enthroning the new King, on the third day

Hezekiah reformed the nation, from their sin,
Gathering in humity, to call on the Lord
Falling into pride he was afflicted until,
Rising to meet with God, on the third day.

A decree was passed against his exiles,
Dying for the faithfulness of Saul's heir.
Interceeding for her people before the King,
Receiving victory over the enemy, on the third day.

The prophet ran away from the Lord, yet lived,
Delivering pagans from death before Jonah died.
Saving him freely from the death he deserved,
Arriving back on dry land, on the third day.

The nations conspired to take him to the cross,
Bearing the wrath of God for the sins of the world.
Fulfilling all God's promises to bring us life,
According to the scriptures, on the third day.

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