Saturday, March 08, 2008

Notes from my Moleskine

This week's lack of posting is largely due to mostly being no where near my laptop. This is because I've been invoved in some interviews for new staff (with some really outstanding candidates!). Can't really comment on how they're going, but here's some expanded notes from my moleskine notebook. At the start of the first interview candidates are asked to present the gospel for 5minutes as if to non-Christians followed by Q&A.

I find myself thinking -
How nice it is not to hear 'two ways to live'.
How many different ways there are to tell the story.
How amazing that it's my job to hear young gospel-ministry willing people revel in Jesus.
How good it is to hear about this being God's world.
How good life is meant to be in his creation.
How glorious and central the cross of Christ is.
How great it is that we can share in Jesus' resurrection life.
How great the hope of the new creation is.
How wrong, painful and and evil sin really is.
And, how powerful the word of God really is to remake cursed people for blessing.

I've pondered how easy it is to use jargon, catch-phrases and concepts that have more to do with the company I keep than with convictions written on my heart by the Holy Spirit. How vital that there is depth beneath the words I say - not just in the mind but in the heart. I've been delighted at the outworkings of grace in people I've spent time with, not least the other members of the Leadership Team. The outstandingness of spending time with them enjoying food and beer and quirky conversation about how doctrine of church means that a husband shouldn't make his wife have a red kitchen...

I've been reminded afresh that there is a real difference between stating 'when we look at the world it's obvious there is a God' and actually arguing the case persuasively. How easy it is for me not to really hammer in the nails so that they stick.

And this week I see again how much I love this ministry, how great is the need for the good news about Jesus to be spread, and I see how much I still have to grow. And yet how much I love being in this family where grace and glory matter and where people like Mike Reeves will spur me on in faith and joy.

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  1. Encouraging! And doubly so when I see you write in a decent notebook - though my Pelikan ink soaks through the page somewhat. I love the manuscript version which allows me to jot down a little tune that's in my head when I'm out and about.