Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Biblical preaching that speaks into everyday life

This is a helpful paper on how to connect the Bible text with life in the way that we communicate what it says. I think I have a lot to learn in this area.

Brian Jones - teaching students the applicational power of the big idea.
"It is crucial to realize that the big idea of an expository sermon must be in concert with the exegetical big idea of a passage. Just as a chef cannot make mashed potatoes out of glue, so the preacher cannot justifiably preach that “God wants you to have a new boat this summer” from the Noah narrative. There must be a foundational correspondence between the exegetical big idea of the passage and the homiletical big idea of one’s sermon. Despite their linkage, there are important differences between the exegetical big idea and the sermonic big idea. Understanding these differences is the first step to crafting a big idea that can serve as the applicational core of the message."
ht: Colin Adams

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