Saturday, February 23, 2008

What next? What before.

I've been pondering what to study next with my staff. So far we've eaten from Ecclesiastes, 2 Corinthians and Esther. Probably I'll revisit something I've studied before which means either some more of 2 Chronicles, Galatians, Jonah or Ruth...

And this makes me want to go back to Ruth cos I'd not bothered to explore the Moabite connection much before, other than it having been wrong for Naomi's sons to marry Moabite women: “If Ruth is ‘adopted’ as a daughter to Boaz, then her story becomes the reversal of the original story of Moab (Gen. 19).... (Peter Leithart, ht: the48files).
Figures if genealogy is what unlocks the Book of Esther, why not the same with Ruth! Follow the threads......Esther and the Amalekite-Canaanites.... Israel and the Moabites... And then there is that big ol' table of nations in Genesis 10 - the fallout from Noah his sin, his shame and his sons.
Ruth of course fits more obviously into the Bible storyline as part of the backstory of King David and King Jesus. But, given how much of the story we're told there has to be more to it than just providing the genealogy. More on Ruth at BeginningWithMoses, by David Gibson.

But then again, I could do something new like... Ezekiel.

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