Monday, February 25, 2008

This is about the future. This is about now.

Joshua Harris writes: "Our calling as lovers of the Gospel is to equip the next generation to surpass us in faithfulness and effectiveness. Somewhere there’s a young man or woman praying for a mentor. Get ready. You could be God’s answer to that prayer."

Thats one of the reasons I've loved being involved in the Relay programme over many years. It's why I love investing in my staff team. Seeing the next generation step up to serve is incredibly exciting. So, I love that I'll spend...
  • Tomorrow with Kenny.
  • Wednesday with Su Ann.
  • Thursday with Andy.
  • Friday to Sunday with a whole host of first-time student leaders, sitting where I sat 10 years ago...
  • And then next week interviewing for future staff.
Exhilirating opportunities to open God's word with them, to do discipleship life-on-life, to get on with reaching this world with the gospel we love. This is about the future. This is about now.


  1. I can't wait for Relay!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And I'm looking forward to the weekend! :)