Sunday, February 17, 2008

Seven Days

1. Turf Locks. How is it that we live in Devon?

2. Amos 7. Trembling at God's word. Also, tucking into Lamentations 3 with Andy on Thursday. Awesome.

3. Exmouth CU mission. Small scale. Good times.
  • Question 1 - "Science is neutral. Discuss"
  • Question 2 - "Time doesn't exist. Discuss"

4. Scouting for girls. Fun. Escapist (i.e. my life sucks I wish I had the girl and was James Bond). Pop. Like Athlete mixed with the Beach Boys with too many E-numbers. Crazy rhymes. Don't miss the bonus track. Mixed well with a picnic in the Quantocks en route to Father-in-law's 60th birthday party.

Seeing a proud father watching his son and daughter performing on stage.

5. I ♥ Newfrontiers. Seems that way.

6. Going places. Meeting church workers on Tuesday, and then sadly not getting to the wednesday meeting because of the wonders of First Great Western helping me to incur a two hour delay on a 90minute journey. Here's to taking 2.5 hours to get to Taunton and having to turn around.

7. Orange Wednesday. The crazy decision to see National Treasure 2 instead of Juno. Sometimes you just need something mindless for a couple of hours. This was proof that they really messed up the Da Vinci code film (if you needed that) but really utterly silly.

Funkypancake - photo of the week "space station" and also... Ed does Seven

Ray Ortlund: "This freedom must not remain a 'positional truth' only. That is the force of Galatians 5:1. It is for the exercise of this freedom, the enjoyment of freedom, the spreading of our wings and soaring, that Christ freed us from the endless scrutiny and curse of the law. Let's give ourselves permission to change and grow and stretch and risk and try new things and fail and laugh and try again and find a way and rejoice in that. Today you can make the devil break out in a rash. Assert your freedom in Christ." (MMmmm. Preaching on Galatians 4v8-5v1 in the next Seven Days!)

Five years ago I was a CU guest at Bath mission. I slept on the floor of German-idol superstar Steve Greenhill... Do not imagine this is in the same league as Grudem...

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