Saturday, February 09, 2008

Seven Days

1. Speaking for Jesus. Mission weeks at Exeter and Bristol. Students inviting friends to events. Living in front of their friends and sharing the good news with them. Richard Cunningham and Mike Cain's evangelistic preaching. Nice to have the boss staying with us for the week too.

2. Shopping. For a holiday to rest in the summer. For a bigger table for hospitality.

3. Studying with Sibbes. Glorious Freedom and 2 Corinthians 3v18. This is how the universe works. This is how things really change. It's all about seeing. The sight of Christ is a transforming sight. And good times in the pages of Ezekiel - "They will know"

4. Virgo. Those outstanding Forum talks on Romans 6 and 7. Grace unmeasured vast and free! The simple reality of what to do with sinning: "Stop it!"

Recalled by the launch of

Also on the iPod - Piper's biography of his father, and Tim Keller on hell.

5. Starbucks. Park Street, Bristol with internet-sensation Andy over Lamentations 2. Wrath comes from God against rebels and the leaders could have averted it. Costa Coffee, Exeter with Claudia and Esther 4-7. Silent deliverance from impossible circumstances. A Christian story.

"Hope is great. We need caffeine" - Mohinder Suresh, Heroes.

6. Teignmouth. Walking on the beach. Watching the sea as the morning mists lift and the sun shines brightly. Buying fresh bread and coming home for a bacon sandwich and a home made starbucks coffee.

7. Gospel. Michael Bird: The gospel stands at the beginning of the story that explains why there are Christians at all, on the boundary between belief and unbelief – often, for the hearer, prior to a knowledge of the Bible itself. For the person entering from the outside, the gospel is the introduction to the faith, the starting-point for understanding. It then rightly becomes the touchstone of the faith. Since this is where faith begins, it is essential that faith continues to conform to it.

Funkypancake - photo of the week "Lightroom"

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