Sunday, February 03, 2008

Seven Days

1. Peter Williams. On arguments for the reliability of Mark's gospel at UCCF leadership team this week. That's to do with our upcoming Gospel Project, which will release 400,000 achingly cool copies of Mark's gospel into the hands of students later this year.

2. Sonship. Further enjoying that I'm adopted by God. See last week's Seven Days for more on that. This week, studying Galatians 3/4 with Alex. Love it.

3. Leadership Team. See point 1, and the fun of hanging out with the rest of the LT. Sadness of the pub being closed, humour of Pod's aching legs, good food - really really good food, IE Design, Reeves on Luther on Biblical humour, and the joy of being involved in this work. Clearer thinking. Much to ponder. Making some progress on the new word alive seminar.

4. Voddie. Good iPod times.

5. Starbucks. In Reading and Bristol. 15mins in one, 4 hours in the other. Tuck in a suit - priceless.

6. First Great Western. Taking 3.5 hours to get from Exeter to Reading... should have been about 2 hours. The 20mph crawl from Pewsey to Newbury and the overfull stopping service offered from there to Reading being particular highlights. I'm not that fussed but the chance to catch up with friends in that 90min stop I'd planned in Reading was the big loss.

7. Beach in winter. Very cold walk but great to be able to be there.

Funkypancake photo of the week "Underground"


  1. I'd guessed twas you who coined the achingly cool...? I think we're on different planets. Achingly beautiful, yes, or achingly majestic, achingly joyful, etc., but achingly just doesn't do cool. Cool is by definition transient, fashionable; achingly is an eternity-in-their-hearts thing, it's a 'this is a foretaste of glory and so makes my heart scream that there is more ahead and I can't bear even this' thing. Achingly aesthetically pleasing to the current student generation? Pheh. *Amused* But I shall run away to mountains and sea to the sound of Bruch, or maybe Sibelius. Subjectivity, eh?

  2. Nah, wasn't me. I can't remember who said it. Might well have been your TL.

  3. Oh that would make sense; I already know we're on different planets aesthetically speaking.