Sunday, February 03, 2008

Para el cuidado del mondo ambiente

In 1997 we the British public (well more you than me, because I wasn't old enough to vote then) elected a man who promised "Education, Education, Education". And whose governement and legacy keeps inventing new laws to make this a better world... As I ponder who I might vote for in future elections I find myself asking: Is it working?

Voddie Baucham proposes:

Question : What is wrong with the world?

If you ask proponents of postmodernism what is wrong with the world, the answer is very simple... People are either insufficiently educated or insufficiently governed. People either don't know enough, or they are not being watched enough.

Question: How can what is wrong be made right?

The solution to our woes is more education and more government. That's the only answer our culture can propose: teach people more stuff and give them more information. How do we combat AIDS? We combat it through AIDS awareness. How do we combat racism? We combat it by offering anti-hate classes. What about the man who beats his wife? We send him to anger-management classes. Just give people more information and everything will be fine.

But if you take a sinful, murderous human being and educate that individual, he merely becomes more sophisticated in his ability to destroy. The world is far more educated today that it was during Wolrd War I. So how are we doing? Are we seeing fewer wars? No. Just more sophisticated killing techniques. Now we can kill more people in less time than ever before in history due to our "education".

If more education is not the answer, perhaps the solution is to be found in more governance. Really? There are two problems with that kind of thinking. First, who's governing the governers? ...The second problem is the depravity of man. Man will not simply improve as a result of being governed. On the contrary, he will just find loopholes and exploit them.

(Voddie Baucham, Truth and the Supremacy of Christ, p56-57)

Better educated kids kill one another. If sleaze undid the Tories it seems Labour are no better with their party funding scandals. Policies for this and policies for that aren't working. And neither are millions of CCTV cameras watching our every move. Still, maybe reducing our carbon footprints will save the world... or maybe saving the cheerleader will do it.

Politics doesn't of course need to trade in ultimate solutions. As a Christian I can be assured that the final answer is secured - the world will be renewed! But that doesn't mean we just throw this world away and let it rot. Life matters. Here matters. How best to run things in the here and now though I'm not sure? More education? Less education? Bigger governement? Smaller government?

Answers on a postcard.

ps: the Spanish title of this post was written on a sign next to a toilet in a hotel we stayed in in Granada a few years ago.


  1. I favour smaller government with more things currently done by the government (e.g. education, welfare) taken by charities and church groups. This will probably take time to achieve.

  2. Limited government - all authority in heaven and earth belongs to Jesus Christ. Any goverment authority (which surely exists, Rom 13) is borrowed from him and should conform to his Lordship. So if as government you pass a law/tax/enforce a particular behaviour without the authority of God to do so... well, you're governing wrongly - well, worse actually - you're claiming authority that rivals Christ's.

    The details of course are the tricky bits.

  3. Let's not forget how politically potent evangelism and discipleship is. Making disciples and teaching them to obey the all-encompassing teaching of the one with all authority should have some good effect in the political world.

    Not that that really solves your problem over who to vote for next election. Not sure I know the answer too.

  4. Dave,
    I have blogged on Voddie Baucham Jr. as well and collected all of his free MP3s and videos on the internet. He is by far the most popular preacher that I get hits from.