Monday, February 25, 2008

Mike Reeves - Psalm 42

Update: 26/2 - Very pertinent in light of recent Prozac news. Headlines that totally missed the point of the research. Research that says not that Prozac doesn't work for som, but that most people on Prozac would be just as well served by placebos or exercise. I.e. There are other cures. The ultimate being what Mike talks about from Psalm 42. Granted medication is needed for some people but the real long-term cure is the gospel. Not just what the wider world needs but what Christians need. Psalm 42 is the antidote to miserable Christians and happy-clappy shallow-smiley other-wise joyless Christians.

And you've got to love the big where Mike gets excited by the instructions for Musicians!

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  1. thank you for posting this.
    i definitely need more wisdom in understanding psalm 42 for myself and others. and this helped.