Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It's the much hyped indie-cool film of 2008. This years Little Miss Sunshine, Broken Flowers etc. So great was the hype that we watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets last week instead of seeing it. Sometimes you want mindless junk food cinema. This was much more satisfying than usual hollywood popcorn.

Michael Cera, JK Simmons and Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman and Alison Janney provide excellent support while Ellen Page steals the show as Juno MacGuff thanks her evident talent and Diablo Cody's script. Both Oscar nominated.

The other big unplanned pregnancy film of the year was Knocked Up. This is nothing like that. Where that went for quick laughs this goes for being clever and witty. Centre of attention is Juno MacGuff a "smart alec independent tomboy, cute, refreshing & fun to be around but not cool to date or be seen with" (IMDB review). Juno is almost too clever to be believed but the story is engaging and the performance is compelling and enjoyable. It's a film about growing up and coming to terms with life, for Juno and for the 'parents' she finds to adopt her child.

Pete Dray also saw Juno: love in a broken world

Plus very cool credits using the same font as new word alive. Get that.

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