Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Humble Orthodoxy @ UCCF South West

On Monday and Tuesday this week we had the pleasure of having Nathan Smith from Grace Church Bristol join us for our spring Team Days.

I asked him to speak on the theme of Humble Orthodoxy, which was defined as a commitment to believe, live and represent the truth of God's word humbly.

That strikes me as very pertinent for us as a team. UCCF is known as a confessional movement, united in fellowship by a common commitment to the gospel. Covenanted together in ink by our commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and his word.

It'd be easy for us to be proudly-orthodox. Other risks are of humble-non-orthodoxy or proud-non-orthodoxy. I long for us to be increasingly humbly-orthodoxy. And the same for the student leaders we serve - many of whom start out in leadership this month.

Humble Orthodoxy 1: Overview - Nathan Smith
Humble Orthodoxy 2: Believe - Nathan Smith
Humble Orthodoxy 3: Live - Nathan Smith
Humble Orthodoxy 4: Represent - Nathan Smith

PDF notes:
Humble Orthodoxy 1 - notes
Humble Orthodoxy 2 - notes
Humble Orthodoxy 3 - notes
Humble Orthodoxy 4 - notes

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