Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The blessing you felt

I ♥ Galatians. Follow the link and find the beginings of some brief devotional musings on this letter that is bursting with the grace of God.



  1. Look forward to reading this as time goes on. I'm already working out how long it will take you to get to Hagar.....only kidding, as you are showing, Galatians is great from 1.1 onwards.

  2. I'm preaching the hagar bit (4v8-5v1) next week.... Apart from that, say sometime in June?

  3. I'll be watching this one!

    I'm preaching Galatians 4:1-7 in March - so if I ever get my act together, I might have a few posts to make as well!

  4. 4v1-7 is awesome - though I tend to think it needs to be paired with the few verses before too. As Jesus inside and outside

  5. Well, I know what you mean about the previous verses - but a large part of the middle section of the letter is an extended argument, and I can't use all of it as a text!

    More to the point - I'm very much still a learner at this, and I work at what I'm given.

    Whether I should use the previous verses as well directly was discussed - the decision to not has more to do with the level of my skill as an expositor rather than their importance for the argument.

  6. No, obviously go with what you have. I just love the way it goes with what's before!! :)