Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Allberry on denominations in secularism

Nutritionism: The new religion, alongside Environmentalism, rising in our day - though it's just a denomination of Secularism

1. Food is just nutritional value
2. Priesthood of scientists
3. Good guys & bad guys
4. Bewildered laity.


  1. Damien Hirst agees:

  2. And not only is this advocated, but this religion is imposed by the state! Not just the nutritional values coloured piecharts. Not only the 5 a day campaign. Not simply laws on reducing salt content. Soon not only all bread, but all flour must by law contain certain vitamins, etc., added, which are deemed to be good for us. The fact that these 'healthly' additives contribute to the systemic illness from which my Mother suffers (and others, obviously!) is overlooked. Big Brother is Nanny, and Nanny says we don't know how to feed ourselves so She'll force-feed us. >-.

  3. It's all they have... educate us more or govern us more.