Sunday, January 13, 2008

Staff Conference

Pete Dray posts five highlights from what sounds like a good UCCF Staff Conference. Sadly I spent the second half of the week in bed ill so I can't really say it was much of a week for me. Now thankfully I'm on the mend and should be back at work tomorrow. I look forward to catching up on the sessions I missed on MP3 but nothing can recover the best part of the conference, all the in-between-session conversations... Bring on '08 where Don Carson joins us.

As I reflect on the last week I guess it has been a humbling reminder of my own weakness. Heading back to the study, out on the trains and into interviews, preaching, training and mentoring it's good to remember that I break. I can't to everything. And some days I can't do anything.


  1. oh no...sorry u were poorly :-( did u get that horrible stomach bug? pod got some virus thing and so missed my birthday. oh dear oh dear. hope ure feeling better. was nice to catch up.

  2. No stomach bug... a chesty/coughly/flu thing.. still not quite gone - nasty cough.
    Twas good to catch up. I heard a rumour you're coming for Exeter mission?