Sunday, January 27, 2008

Seven Days

1. Creation. "The little birds that sing, sing of God; the beasts clamor for him; the elements dread him, the mountains echo him, the fountains and flowing waters cast their glances at him, and the grass and flowers laugh before him." John Calvin, cited by Ray Ortlund.

2. The Universe. "the universe is one continuous explosion of the glorious happiness of God and that, through union with Christ, I have been included on the inside of this mega-miracle forever" Ray Ortlund

3. 1979-2008. The death of a celebrity I never met and of whose work I'd only seen a couple of films, but who was born a few weeks before me just makes you stop and remember that the number of your days is in the hands of God.

4. Sonship. "By clinging to circumcision and the Law instead [of allegiance to Christ] the Galatians were in fact putting back the clock of salvation history" Trevor Burke in Adopted into God's family (NSBT). More on this soon.

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5. Starbucks. Welcome to my office. Happy times with Rupert, Jonathan, Su Ann, Abi, Chris, Dan and Rob.

6. Topsham. Walking around sunny streets and exploring quaint shops on a Saturday morning. And good scones.

7. Happyness of Hospitality. Eating with new friends from church over the past three evenings.

Funkypancake photo of the week "Eat Brita"

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