Saturday, January 19, 2008

Seven Days

1. Illness and recovery. When the body fails I learn, the hard way, that my health isn't my god. God is. In case you're wondering how ill I was, I couldn't read and I couldn't face coffee... along with not being able to sleep, talk, walk etc. On the mend now, hence the blogging etc. Thank you to the care of my wife, prayers of staff, the wonders of paracetamol and cough mixture.
2. Relay Day. Having nine Relay and one member of staff in the house - I love that we can open up our home. And I love the way my team are going to excel at Relay 2 karaoke this year. Go South West!
3. Relay interview. That was a real pleasure, even though I kept coughing.
4. iPod. Train journeys with my fave Christmas present (from my lovely wife). That's better. Mostly re-listening to Tim Keller's Evangelists Conference & Two Sons talks, Snow Patrol, Valley of Vision and Aimee Mann.
5. Hat. It was seriously cold on Monday morning at the station. I love my hat. Catching the train on Friday it was very mild. No hat.
6. Christmas thank you letters. Received. Smiley moments.
7.Funkypancake photo of the week:

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