Sunday, January 06, 2008

Look where you're going

They say that opposites attract. Somehow a maths graduate who can't sing married a singing teacher who can't do maths. Nonetheless my wife and I can play scrabble.

The other day when we were playing I noticed how she wrestles with the scorekeeping, which for some reason she always does. And then I realised the problem - she tries to work out the calculations by staring into space instead of at the paper where the numbers are. Everything she needs is on the page in front of her, yet she looks elsewhere for the solution. Then I realised that I can readily try theology the same way, looking anywhere except in the book that God provided. No wonder I don't get answers. The answers are in the ink. Road signs are for finding the way. The Bible is for knowing who our God is. Without it we're left with our own ideas. Without what God has revealed we're left with nothing.

The Bereans (Acts 17v11) were a noble church, they diligently searched the scriptures for life. Rubbing their faces in the text. Immersed in the rain and snow of God's word that brings forth a harvest, never returning empty. Why would they want to look elsewhere?

Jesus says in Luke 10 that only the Father knows the Son, and only the Son knows the Father. Which sounds like the end of the road for us. Except, that one other group know the Father (and the Son), those to whom the Son reveals the Father. Not kings and prophets but disciples ('little children') like Martha who sits and listens to Jesus, or like those who will receive the gospel-preaching disciples, or those who will ask for the Spirit. And not those who think they should be able to figure out who God is without revelation. Not those who presume to know the answer without revelation. God is there and he has spoken. Jesus has come into the world, and he tells us about his Father and gives us his Spirit. Now things start to make sense. Now the numbers start to add up. Now the game can continue.

Postscript: My wife nonetheless has got her GCSE in Maths, I on the other hand still can't pitch properly.

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  1. You would get a good old total for THEOLOGY on a triple word score!