Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Guild overturns vote in favour of Christian Union

Before Christmas I reported that Exeter University Evangelical Christian Union had won a vote at the emergency general meeting called by the Guild.

Last night the Guild overturned that vote so everything is back up in the air again. As I watch from a distance without any direct involvement in the situation I've always hoped for some kind of amicable solution. Now, considering the reasons given it's hard to imagine the ECU ever being permitted to win a vote in their favour on this matter. Where things go now is anyones guess...


  1. Sigh. I don't think it's that surprising, but nonetheless disheartening for you, alex et al.

  2. I thought it was looking more positive. Shame. So is this the NUS equivalent of a back bench rebellion?

    I'm not sure that we won't see a better situation, as the NUS culture itself absorbs the new understanding of tolerance and unity in diversity in the future.

    What is the next step Dave? Can they appeal this decision? Is it the end of the line?

  3. Had the vote been ratified it would all have been sorted from the CUs perspective... but since there were only 200 people at the meetinng and not 700 it had to go through the Guild council, and they voted against it for a number of reasons.

    Not sure where things go next... NUS have been looking pretty positive but they still need to ratify the guidelines they've co-authored with UCCF... but even then SUs aren't even remotely bound to follow them if they don't want to.

  4. What were the reasons? Are they published anywhere?

  5. The reasons I've seen were in an email sent by Emma. Not sure they've been published elsewhere.