Friday, January 25, 2008

Getting it done

“ is to no purpose to contend with the judgments of God;
for when God judges he will overcome.
Stopping the mouths of God's ministers
will not stop the progress of God's word,
for it shall not return void.”
(Matthew Henry)

Which rings true with Ed's review of Charlie Cleverley's The Passion that Shapes Nations. Many of God's ministers have lost their lives but the progress of God's word has not been stopped. I remembered that last night as we had dinner with Sim & Rebecca, remembering my own conversion - largely through the liturgy of Cranmer & co. The Bible was read week by week but not taught, yet the progress of the word could not be stopped.

Adrian asks at the Coffee Bible Club whether we read the Bible too much. Not that he's saying we have too much Bible in the church. Always need more of what God says, whether it's reading it personally, hearing it read together. Living within the sound of the word of God is the only place to live. Having spent today studying scripture I realise afresh how priviledged I am to have this job - sadly I don't always appreciate that as much as I should.

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