Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FAQ: I get all this teaching but my wife doesn't...

I've been musing on this for a little while, and it'd be more pressing for me if last week's UCCF Staff Conference hadn't been written-off for me by illness. Instead of arriving home full of the word I was full of the lurgy.

But, what you you do when you're in the priviledged position to be able to go to lots of training events, conferences etc, to spent hours each day studying God's word - but your partner isn't? You get to the end of the day excited and overflowing with the stuff and yet somehow vomitting it onto your partner when they walk in the front door from a long hard day at work doesn't seem to work!

Then I thought about the effect God's word is meant to have on us. It's meant to transform us to make us more Christlike - through teaching, instructing, encouraging, rebuking, correcting us as we behold the glory of Christ in the word. So, could it be... that the best way to pass on the hours in the word would be to be changed by it. And then, at least from a gospel-miniter husband perspective the best way to pass on the teaching I get would be to love my wife better. To be more kind, patient, servant-hearted... to more consistently make decisions that are for her benefit.

There should be corrollories for the rest of church life too. Many times I've found myself about to grumble about the way something is done in church - because the books I've read or conferences I've been too, or Bible I've studied shows me a 'better' way. And yet all that study should make me a joy to be led, less grumbling, more humble, more inclined to bear with others and so on.


  1. As a newly married man just beginning work with the student movement here in New Zealand, that is very timely advice!

  2. Let us know how it works out!

    I've heard different advice on the matter - CJ Mahaney, for example, encourages us to set aside time and pass it all on to our wives. I get the sentiment and intent of that, but I'm not sure it's all that practical or necessary.

    Some passing on Yes, but much better to pass it on by changed character. That's particularly an issue because those who teach are most prone to being able to pass things on rather than to being those who put into action

  3. That's profound insight mate!

    I get what you mean exactly - my wife (and kids) will be far more blessed by seeing theology seriously applied in my life, rather than merely conveyed! Plus, thanks to the beauty of technology I think she enjoys and benefits more from downloading the vids/mp3s and checking out what was said in her own time. Reckon Dave and Pete can probably say what they said better than me!!

    God bless you bro!