Thursday, January 03, 2008

Expository Preaching

Erik Raymond writes about expository preaching. It's being advocated at any number of conferences, but is the message getting through. I do find it a bit strange catching all these conference mp3s that aren't exposition. I'd love to have these guys doing that! What I've found over in the UK is that it's often much more expository series at these conferences - reflecting back on a few recently there's been Terry Virgo on Romans, Justin Mote on Leviticus have been a couple of great highlights. And I'm looking forward to Don Carson on 1 John at Easter 2008. Largely it's exposition that these guys are so good at, and it's so refreshing to go home at the end of the conference thinking I've heard the message of Leviticus!! Bring on the conferences where Mahaney teaches through Lamentations, where Dever takes us through Hosea, Piper through Exodus... or any number of variations on that theme. Things like that implicitly defend expository preaching by modelling it. And it's why I want to do lots of expository-blogging rather than just writing about topics... like this one! Books work the same - there are doctrine and theology books I know keep coming back to but it's the books like Don Carson's The Cross & Christian Ministry and Showing the Spirit that have probably helped me more than most with his expositions of 1 Corinthians 1-4, 12-14. Or, likewise Piper's The Justification of God expounding Romans 9, Terry Virgo expositing Ephesians in Does the future have a church? To name just a few.

Free mp3s:
1. @ the Castle: @theCastle - including series from Don Carson on Jeremiah, Andy Gemmill on James, David Jackman on Zechariah, Simon Manchester on 1 Timothy, Justin Mote on Leviticus, Melvin Tinker on Matthew, Dick Lucas on Psalms, Don Carson on Revelation, Melvin Tinker on Ruth.
2. UCCF Terry Virgo on Romans 7 (one of a series of four), Justin Mote on Leviticus 16 (one of a series of four),


  1. I'd love to see more books written at a popular level that are expositional in nature. I loved 'Showing the Spirit' but I don't think it was accessible to all in terms of its technicality. On the other hand Carson wrote 'Basics for Believers' which is a popular exposition of Philippians - it was brilliant. I'd like to see more books like that written by people like David Jackman, Justin Mote, Vaughan Roberts, Richard Coekin, Simon Manchester - guys who are or have been in pulpits weekly exposing the text.

  2. Fair comment on the STS one. Basics for Believers is of course write ups from Carson at the Word Alive conference... be great to see other preachers doing the same. Whether they don't because of a false humility, or a pecieved/real lack of a market for such books, I don't know... or perhaps its a lack of people suggesting it.

  3. IME, one major publishing label in the Christian world, having had such book ideas floated to them, says there is no market for such books.

  4. I agree we need more exposition. Some places need a whole lot less though.

    Do you think that there are different kinds/types of expository preaching?

  5. There should be all sorts of forms of expository preaching, since the text should shape not just the content but the shape.

    So a psalm, prover, letter and narrative sermon in expository form should all look radically different. Sadly, that's often not the case, and I'm definitely still only beginning to learn how to do that!

  6. There should be all sorts of forms of expository preaching, since the text should shape not just the content but the shape.

    Amen. Scripture is not just repository of truth to be extracted by expository archaeology, it is God's word to us as it is.

    Good post. And in the the comments about publishers I find not just a rebuke to the publishers but to people like me who buy books to learn stuff, but not to listen to God's word at his feet.