Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Charlie Wilson's War - "We'll see"

Charlie Wilson's War (directed by Mike Nichols - Closer) tells the story of covert operations by the USA that supplied Afganistan with the weapons needed to kick out the Soviet Union, contributing to the end of the cold war amongst other things...

The cast is led by Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Amy Adams and the excellent Philip Seymour Hoffman - who probably steals the show with an Oscar nominated performance as CIA agent Gust Avrokotos. This was the first film we've seen at the cinema for a couple of months and it wasn't a disappointment. It's a political drama written by Aaron 'West Wing' Sorkin so it'll not be everyone's idea of entertainment.

With the help of Hofmann and the story of a Zen master it's a good lesson what can be achieved when people are prepared to act, but more importantly about not judging history too quickly. Success shouldn't be celebrated too quickly, but reflected on later. In a culture that demands instant reflection on rolling news 24 hours a day it's a helpful message to consider. Can we really evaluate circumstances immediately? It's a message Sorkin clearly wants us to consider about present political involvement in Iraq etc. It's one thing to get Saddam, but will we stay to rebuild? What will be the consequences if we do, or don't...

Pete Dray offers a more in depth discussion

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