Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blood, blood, blood!

It's late and I'm up at UCCF staff conference. Today we've had part 2 of Dick Lucas on 1 John (I confess no temptation to live-blog that for you, sorry!). Justin Mote on Mark. And Jason Clarke on Worship. Interspersed with an early morning run, prayer, and lots of good food and conversation particularly over a beer with Dan Blanche this evening.

In the absence of anything more substantial than a little late night rambling, here's an mp3 worth hearing from Ed Goode on Exodus 12 at Reading Family Church. All about the blood!


  1. Hi Dave,

    Very glad to have come across your blog. So good to see the work of UCCF doing so great. The writings are so rich in God's word, which is what makes it worth reading. Your attitude to life of focusing every idea and every day on God is most challenging. Also, really like the order of how you've put your duties/roles on your blog.

    I have been trying to do an RSS feed from your blog but erm well, not happening really. Could you please give an idiot's how to guide.

    Thanks for the daily Godly nuggets you share with your readers. May we apply them!

    Best wishes to the Bish family for 2008

  2. I've put a link to the RSS feed on the top right corner of the blog. Hope that helps. Thanks for your encouraging comments.

    As for the order of roles - strikes me that that's the only way to go.