Monday, January 07, 2008

2 Timothy (mp3)

I had the immense priviledge and pleasure of preaching from 2 Timothy for some student weekends last term. Exeter was for a group of about 20 students in a small venue on the edge of Dartmoor, Reading was for about 100 students in a conference centre in Ledbury.

Scripts: 2 Timothy - blogged scripts

(from Reading CU)
2 Timothy 1v1-2v13- 30mins
2 Timothy 2v14-26-- 34mins
2 Timothy 3v1-17- 43mins
2 Timothy 4v1-22- 50mins
(from Exeter CU)
2 Timothy 1v1-2v13
2 Timothy 2v14-26
2 Timothy 3v1-17
2 Timothy 4v1-22

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