Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top Books (2007)

Not necessarily published this year, but read by me these are ten of the best I've read.

1. Signs of the Spirit - Sam Storms. Religious Affections made accessible. And what a book. REVIEWED.

2. God's Smuggler - Brother Andrew. Why I never read this before I don't know. Shook me up this summer before hearing and meeting Andrew at the Forum gospel festival in September.

3. Growing Leaders - James Lawrence. Recommended by my supervisor a great practical book on grace in leadership.

4. When sinners say I do - Dave Harvey. Marriage the gospel way. I confess my wife and I are still working our through this one.

5. Total Church - Tim Chester & Steve Timmis. Gospel and community!

6. Preaching the cross - Together for the Gospel. The best MP3s of 2006 in written form. Simple. Straightforward. Very helpful.

7. Radical Reformission - Mark Driscoll. Worth it for the chapter 'the sin of light beer' alone.

8. Pierced for our transgressions - Ovey, Sach & Jeffery. Possibly the most important book published in 2007. Readable and necessary for the church. Thankfully this cross-exalting air is what we breathe day in day out in the UCCF family.

9. Taking Sides - David Field. Outstanding 1970s book on Christian Ethics.

10. What is a healthy church - Mark Dever. A little dose of Dever's passion for the church.

Which doesn't account for the fact that I'm about to start reading Communion with the triune God over Christmas...

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