Monday, December 24, 2007

They were God-centred and biblical in their mission

In Doing Missions When Dying is Gain (mp3), John Piper tells the story of Raymond Lull, martyr. This month Evangelicals Now features this God-centred saint:
History tells us that Lull was thoroughly God-centred and biblical in his missionary method. He proclaimed the goodness of God and boasted of the offence of the cross; not ‘building a rickety bridge out of planks of compromise’. Soon after, Lull was thrown in prison and given the death sentence. Through divine intervention this was changed to deportation and he was escorted, through a screaming mob intent on stoning him, onto his previous vessel and warned his return would mean death. However, Raymond’s gospel-driven audacity had him sneak himself off board and remain a further three months in Tunis in secret, in order to build up and baptise the new believers... As a young Christian, he was frequently lulled into apathy and then made tearful rededications to God. Yet in his goodness, God used Lull significantly for his kingdom.
And Imagine, with Dan Hames:
Imagine the Gospel of Mark in the hands, heads and hearts of this generation. Imagine 400,000 gospels handed from student to student at over 250 universities and colleges in Great Britain. Imagine 15,000 Christian students presenting their course mates and friends with the opportunity to hear and respond to the life-changing claims of Jesus Christ.

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