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That was 2007 : September - December


The month began for me at our national CU leaders conference which transformed from being a small conference years ago into a festival of student leaders, gathered to enjoy the gospel with burger vans. I was offline for much of the month waiting for phone companies and ISPs to get their act together. I decided to study Ecclesiastes with my staff team (not Dave Bish Ministries). SGM made their mp3s free to download and I spotted Sanctifying the ordinary. Tom got married and we were very happy about that. Lastly a little blogging from John's gospel about Jesus.


Probably a record month for blog quantity (56). I started studying Esther with Joe. The Forum audios went online. Remembered that the word does everything.
Study the word, change the world - almost a heroes tagline!
And probably the beginnings of the biggest thing God has been teaching me this autumn - a beefed up doctrine of scripture for life and ministry. I had the joy of going back to my alma mater to preach Luke's gospel. Reflecting on the x-ray word. Enjoyed helping Tuck prepare Colossians to study with studennts. Sought to subvert the charismatic debate, ahead of preaching at Arborfield at the end of October. Challenged the views of Mark Virkler and others about hearing God speak. Gained some clarity about God speaking ahead of speaking about that for Reading Family Church. Captured some photo memories. Studied Galatians 3 and revelled in being a son of God with the Plymouth team. Started a brief controversy about children in church. Pondered the scope of what it means to preach the cross. Loved Calvin on Scripture (go read the early chapters of the Institutes).
Caught Driscoll saying Starbucks is "Where lonely people gather together to drink burnt coffee and ignore one another in community." which came to mind as I met people in such places. Wanted to keep looking for evidence of God's grace. Posted about how to test what we hear preached. Plugged LIVING LEADERSHIP: PASTORAL REFRESHMENET CONFERENCE 2008 (book now!). Watched the 24 day 7 trailor, someone resolve the script writers strike please!! Grace. Grace. Grace. And at the end of October: Reformation Day!


55 posts in November. A month that included hosting team training for 25 people in which Mike Reeves wowed us with giants and dragons and Jubilee and Atonement. 2 Timothy was a defining book for the month as I taught it at the Exeter and Reading Christian Union weekends. Many of my posts derived from those talks. The Dynamics of Change were a keynote for me. Election put some backbone into me, a doctrine I love. Mo questioned Christian hedonism. Jason taught us to praise the word. The first South West UCCF Transformission conference was a big highlight. Mike Reeves preaching on the glory of penal substitution. I studied 2 Chronicles with my staff. Term one with them has been a real joy, especially studying Ecclesiastes, 2 Corinthians, 2 Chronicles and Esther with them.


As we tried to build a shed, it rained - theology of rain?. I finished blogging 2 Timothy. Thoughts on eyeballing sin. Heard Adrian on Luke's gospel and Steve on Luke which were excellent. Lots of reflections on the year and then thoughts on God-centred mission and trophies of the cross.

2007, 482 posts and counting.


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