Saturday, December 29, 2007

That was 2007 : May - August


More on Velvet Elvis and 2 Chronicles. Then, Atonement for Dummies which caused a little offence (which really wasn't intended). Terry Virgo started blogging which was very welcome. Birthdays were celebrated at a Duke Special gig. I preached Hebrews 3. I played a little with Two Ways to Live and shared a friend's Gospel Circles. Chris Watson Lee blogged an Anglican Doctrinal Basis. I enjoyed the breathless and heart-breaking doctrine of election with Surrey CU before saying good-bye to them.

June -- "The Daily Mail of Blogs"

Do CU leaders fall away. I reflected on Relay's ongoing lessons in grace. Some Art. Pentateuch blogging. Study or evangelism. Penal Substitution. Saying good-bye to Reading CU I preached Hebrews 10-12 - though I'd get the priviledge of a surprise opportunity to teach them again in November. Why I love UCCF - cos we're a grace-movement. In June Em and I bought our first home, and celebrated five years of marriage.


It rained. But I preached JOY at Arborfield and again from Luke 11. Akinola talked about Evangelistic-bishops. I had a great day at Newfrontiers 'Together on a Mission'. The Exeter CU problems with their Students Guild led me to ponder Relating to Authorities. Thankfully by December those issues seemed mostly resolved. Krish Kandiah followed Terry Virgo's lead, and became a blogger. Jeremiah blew me away as we moved out of our house and waited to land in Exeter.


More blogging from Jeremiah whilst waiting to move. I embarked on reading Brother Andrew's books, which preceeded breakfast with him in September. More Christian Hedonism in Jeremiah. I tried to avoid anxiety but really found it hard. Mark Lauterbach continued to utter very wise gospel-centric words. Occasional blogger Tim Suffield wrote about Justification with great clarity: "If you’ve got something to do with it - then you’re trusting a dead guy to save you…". The Bible was in the news. I started my new job... combined with moving house that meant going offline for an excessive amount of time, and probably denied you about 40-50 posts... but hey, life went on.

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