Tuesday, December 18, 2007

That was 2007 : January-April


First preach of the year on the authority of scripture followed by applying the Bible. That was a start to a year that has in many ways been about the deepening of my convictions about scripture. Next up I preached the opening chapters of Esther at Surrey, which turned out to be my final preach for them. More posting about all scripture. Highlighted the first of many a Mike Reeves mp3s. And this was the moment that will forever stick in the memory of the 60 people who witnessed it. Yes, 2007 was the year the Spice Girls went back on tour - and it began in Ledbury:


Reading CU weekend on Jonah. On February 8th I highlighted John Piper's biography of Andrew Fuller and received a phonecall that changed the shape of my year significantly. Mo McCracken talked about serving the local church while I pondered Ecclesiastes, life on the hamster wheel. Soon after which my laptop died. I also came across two old school friends, including Mercury Nominated James Chapman. I read Radical Reformission and looked forward to the publishing of Pierced for our Transgressions. And saw William Lane Craig philosophically walk all over Lewis Wolpert.


Continued studying Ephesians with Reading CU and embarked on 2 Chronicles. More of Mike Reeves and some engaging with Dawkins and enjoyed being sons with the London Relays. Oh, and got a new job. I so did not see that coming in January.


I started to review Velvet Elvis, which I'm sorry I've not finished reviewing. More on Pierced. Which can trace it's origin back to the issues that caused the birth of New Word Alive. We missed the last Spring Harvest Word Alive, instead taking a break in Cornwall. More of Mike Reeves. And then some more on Pierced, this time from NT Wright. A thought on Ark-building.

When I think about what matters most to me in Christianity it's the centrality of the cross of Christ and the authority of scripture - from these cornerstones everything else follows. The great think about the first third of 2007 is that these things were frequently at the forefront of thinking, living and ministry.

...which was the first 130 posts of the year.

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