Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some Real Christian blogging

Real Christian Blogging, from Steffy B. Just read it.

Ecclesiastes and Lamentations have become two of my fave books in 2007. The former because it's real and says to hell with all our faking that life is always alright. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it's boring. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it's confusing. Going through house-buying this summer was very hard. If God was trying to teach me to trust him by delaying our move by a month where we could have had a holiday, then my stressyness at my wife, my sleepless anxious nights would suggest I failed the test. I'm not proud of that but it happened. Four months later I cannot wait to have a break, I'm very tired. Thankful to be here, but tired.

With Christmas coming this is classic blogger-reflective time and frankly it's been a great year though I never expected it to end living where we are, doing the jobs we're doing in the church we're in.... and whilst that's included the joy of finally being able to get a mortgage (after giving a landlady some 35K since we got married) and having a new job that I love, it's been well hard to leave our old church and move 150 miles away (or further away) from some great friends. And nothing is going to magically fix that. God is still God as he was when Anna Mac reminded me of that in January at Relay 2 in Ledbury, and the gospel is also still true. For that I'm thankful.

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