Friday, December 14, 2007

Side-stepping the word of God

Can you bore people with the gospel?

Wise-Mo replied: Surely there is a sense in which the Gospel is never boring and if people find a true presentation of it boring it is their darkened minds? (I'm not sure I totally believe this, but it's a commonly held view amongst Calvinists).

And I said: It occurs to this calvinist that sometimes we use the reality of darkened hearts as an excuse for our poor efforts... just as it's easy for me to slate a sermon for being poor, but it's also entirely possible that the problem wasn't with the sermon but with my heart.

Maybe it's just me but I'm great at diverting God's word away from myself. I can do it by assuming it applies to others more than me. I can do it by figuring out how I would teach it to others rather than me. Likewise I'm more than able to side-step God's word with a whole host of excuses... But, a dull talk is no excuse for me not listening (nor an excuse for a preacher to be dull). And a poor talk is no excuse for me not listening (nor an excuse for a preacher to preach poorly).

The word presents Christ to me to be beheld. That portrayal of the gospel is there to correct and rebuke me, to encourage and instruct me. To examine my motives and change my affections. If I read it, hear it, study it, preach it without being affected then instead of giving me life it'll kill me. I need to get my ears up close to the word of God every Today and get listening.
My life depends upon it.

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