Sunday, December 23, 2007

Make me a Christian?

Last week I caught a bit of 'Make me a Muslim' on TV, and this morning John-Paul Flintoff is trying 'Make me a Christian', some of which is discerning (when he realises going solo won't work) but most of which is saddening as he mistakes Christianity for being a do-good religion... which could be as much our fault for poor communiation as his for not seeing it.

Churches don't tend to run 'I want to be a Christian' courses, maybe we should. But then being a Christian isn't merely adopting a lifestyle (which it seems could be the appeal of Islam or Catholicism), it's about Jesus. And offering a moral code for people to follow isn't Christianity at all. Want to be a Christian? Jesus first. And then more Jesus.

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  1. I deal with this regularly. We are seeing more and more of a "social gospel" being preached.

    Save the whales, become a Christian.
    Stop economic disparity, become a Christian.
    Stop racism, become a Christian.

    One of my fellow teachers taught a lesson on the unique relationship between David and Jonathan this week. When she asked the group what other thoughts they had on the passages, one adult workers started in on how amazing it was that poor David got along with rich Jonathan.

    I thought, wow, you missed God's purpose for putting in those 12 chapters in 1 Samuel! It wasn't about money, it was about God's divine will being accomplished and Jonathan and David, both men in the will of God had a relationship, a brotherhood that was not of this earth.

    Oh, and apparently Ruth went home with Naomi because it made "good financial sense".

    Yes, little Christs are to behave like Christ did. but we must never put the EFFECT ahead of the CAUSE.