Monday, December 17, 2007

Grace-leaders overflow

Today I went to a pub in Oxford and met with Krish Kandiah, Marcus Honeysett, Ant Adams, Jonathan Green, Michael Jensen and some other people to talk about the future of leadership in the church. A very provoking day. Felt a bit like media reflections on the state of English football and the way everyone presumes they can keep bringing in players from outside... likewise churches simply aren't developing new leaders. What encourages me is that there were around 30 younger leaders at the consultation, I spoke at a newfrontiers leaders school in October where a quarter of the church were there, and wherever I look in the South West I see very gifted student leaders taking their first steps in the work of equipping the saints for ministry... The scene is dark but not hopeless. Jesus will build his church and we need to get doing our part. 2 Timothy 2v2 is key - leaders passing on grace to new leaders who will pass on grace. Having the Krish and Marcus playing a leading role is the consult is encouraging from a UCCF-view cos they were two of the first generation of UCCF Relay


  1. likewise churches simply aren't developing new leaders

    This is a very keen observation. Instead of training from the inside, churches look to the seminary system to educate and train its future leaders. Now, don't get me wrong, seminary can be a very valuable experience.

    So when it comes time to replace an aging pastor, the church looks outside of the local congregation. They import someone who really doesn't know the congregation and the congregation doesn't know them. It can take a number of years before the pastor/congregation have a good relationship.

    The reverse of that, is those leaders in the congregation who will most likely never go to seminary are never really seen as viable leaders. Instead, the upper echelon often uses them until they are burnt out.

    Exceptions to internal promotion exist. Timothy was brought in by Paul because there were doctrinal issues in the church. Titus, because of the "church plant" nature of his work.

  2. The difficulty is not just about leaders getting it but churches too. Do church members see future leadership development as a key priority for their pastor... or is the pastor so overwhelmed with preaching, (praying), management and a million other tasks that they don't feel they have time to set aside to invest in a handful of future leaders...