Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Biblical theology asks, “What does the Bible itself say it is interested in, what does it say about that and in what terms does it like to say it?”

“Have you heard the story of salvation presented by means of a study of ‘sweat’ or ‘hospitality’ or ‘the Beast and the Man’ or ‘war and peace’ or ‘marriage’ or ‘mountains’ in the Bible? If not, then please ask your Bible teacher ‘Why?’ since these are themes and categories which God himself has used in history and in Scripture to unfold and explain his great work of redemption. Biblical theology is the discipline which takes that unfolding revelation on its own terms and in its own words and themes and proceeds to study God’s truth by means of storylines and multiple perspectives. There are no definitions of Biblical theology which do not make it sound either esoteric or dull but biblical theology at its best - combined with exegetical carefulness and systematic rigour - is a truly exhilarating way into the Bible.”
David Field - Biblical Theology & Revelation (part 8)


  1. My pastor suggested I do a study on a Biblical theology relating to the threshing floor... possible.

  2. Do it. Short, popular level study... We'll publish it at BeginningWithMoses. Actually you could do a whole series of them...